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Truro Cathedral

24/08/24 - Roof Tours

24/08/24 - Roof Tours

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See rarely seen sights with a tour of the cathedral roof spaces.

Tours on this date take place during general visiting hours, your £15 tour ticket covers your tour. There is no admission charge to visit, however we do encourage donations. All funds raised will directly support the care and upkeep of Truro Cathedral.  

Please note: A maximum of 10 people will be on each tour.

Each tour is facilitated by a guide who will lead the group up the enclosed spiral staircase to the cathedral roof space.

The stairway is steep and narrow, reducing (to 54cm wide) as you ascend the 101 steps. At the top of the stairway is a short and narrow (45cm wide x 195cm height) corridor leading to the walkway through the Western roof void. The roof void is traversed by a wooden gangway, which has handrails. You will pass through two voids before arriving over the Crossing. From here you will explore the other roof spaces at the 80ft level. There is a balcony area which you can see over and through above the Crossing. Caution is to be taken when viewing, moving around the rigging and other trip hazards which exist in this space. The guide will be accompanied by a safety steward on each tour. Please note that there are cables on the ground in some areas. Care is needed to avoid any trips or falls.

When arriving for your tour, please wait at the Welcome Desk. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your tour start time to ensure that you have time to complete the waiver acknowledging the safety points noted here.


  • This tour is unsuitable for anyone who has any condition or difficulties arising from exertion or any mobility difficulty.
  • The minimum age for anyone undertaking a tour is 11. Anyone aged under 18 must be accompanied on the tour by a consenting parent or guardian. 
  • There are several areas with a low ceiling level. Caution must be undertaken. Safety helmets will be available.
  • Flat (sensible) footwear must be worn.
  • Participants are encouraged to wear gloves or must wash their hands at the conclusion of the tour due to the amount of dust on surfaces.
  • The tour has been risk-assessed. Should a medical incident occur which would result in the need for resuscitation then it is unlikely that this would be successful given the confined space. Similarly, if a medical evacuation is needed then it is unlikely that this would be successful. This risk must be considered by anyone considering taking part in a tour.
  • Should a tour participant feel that they cannot proceed with the tour at any time, then they will be accompanied to the ground level by a steward.
  • The tour team will remain in contact with the team on the ground floor at all times.

All guides and stewards have undertaken the required safeguarding training for leading these groups.

Please note that this tour does not include ascending the main tower. Tours last approximately 25 minutes. No 'tickets' are sent, your order confirmation is all that's needed on that day.


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